Most of us have not experienced the fullness of the world. We work long hours for long years saving up little money to spend on things far away from home. Ancient shrines and wonders, towering ruins and panoramic views still lay undiscovered to us. The world is such a rich place and yet we spend our lives confined in one of its corners. When the breadth of what the world has to offer is so incomprehensibly vast, it is one of the greatest tragedies that we are resigned to live our lives deprived of a continual lack of wonder. 

You can stare into the darkness of the night sky and see it lit with the quiet magic of the northern lights, or cover the air in colored powder at Holi in India. You can learn the stillness of meditation from monks in thousand-year-old temples, or jump ropes of fire and toast with twenty thousand of your closest friends at a monthly beach party in Thailand. You can celebrate the day of the dead in Mexico, or feel the solemnity when walking past the preserved body of Mao Zedong in his Mausoleum and pharaonic tombs in their pyramids. You can pilgrimage hundreds of miles to a shrine in Spain, or be guided by a Peruvian shaman during an Ayahuasca ceremony as you’re visited by ancient Aztec gods. After climbing the Great Wall of China, you can take a slide thousands of feet down to its bottom or release hundreds of lanterns into the heavens at a festival in China.

We live in a time where the whole world is linked together and the potential for human connection has never been greater. By being connected, you could potentially fall in love with new passions previously unfamiliar to you simply because of a lack of exposure to them. If there were better ways of living, or commodities that could add global charm and value to your life, you would want to be introduced. It is, for a moment, that you would learn a new way of being, and it is, for a lifetime, that you will reap the benefits of your exposure to the secrets of other cultures. 

We bring you: Parisian blouses, Manhattan Tuxedos, and London suits; Japanese kimonos, American fitness apparel, chic hijabs and Dashiki fashion. We have gathered Vietnamese hand carved wooden vases and intricate Chinese Laquerware; Tibetan singing bowls and decorative Nepalese masks. We carry traditional Indian earrings and pendants with the likeness of African Queens; fine glassware to drink scotch from and decanters to aerate French wine. 

We gather wares from every continent to give you an international selection of award winning products priced for affordability and shipped FREE worldwide. Until now, only royalty could travel far and wide to experience the wonders of various countries and see the most secluded majestic sites. But now, you can follow your guide live up to the mountain citadel Machu Picchu and hear about the place his ancestors built, marvel at Petra, or visit the ancient Pyramids of Egypt right from your own home. At Worlds Abroad, it doesn't cost you the world to experience it. So come experience the world with us. Choose from the best the world has to offer.

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