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Our global experiences are hosted by local native guides. Each person is a fluent English speaker, native to the region they tour, with extensive knowledge of the culture, customs, and history of the area. Most guides speak more than one language. This is a bonus and not a requirement. Most are well educated, but no specific degree is required for admission into the program. We pay all expenses related to your work, including transportation and entrance fees, and your fee on top of this. There is no initial or ongoing fee. It is free to list any class, tour, or experience on our site. When you benefit from bookings, we do too. Because we benefit when you benefit, we want to help you as much as possible.

The Process:

The process starts with an initial interest dialogue and a following video conversation. Next, the applicant designs tours of their home area. This adaptation phase allows us to confer with the candidate on logistics of their proposed tour(s). When this is completed, we live test the video quality, audio quality, scripts, timetables, routes, sites and experiences. After a final revision, we publish the tour live.


-English fluency

-Multi-lingual fluency encouraged

-A University degree in good standing

-Living as near as possible to the tour site, or a low-cost transportation method

-You must be a local of the area/country you are touring



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